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Jason Cacioppo

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Jason is a creative and versatile commercial director, editor and vfx artist based in New York. Jason tells stories with moving images, integrating his mastery of post production with a discerning eye for live action to create compelling visual narratives. An early integrator of post-production disciplines and the digital workflow, he established his studio, Subvoyant, in 1998.

Integrating creative editorial, visual effects, and motion graphics since it's beginning, Subvoyant's many commercial clients have included brands 3M, Dove, Advil, Chase, American Express, Absolut, Verizon, Pfizer, Smirnoff and AT&T. Adept at planning, comfortable in a variety of genres and styles, Jason brings a passion for film making coupled with the discipline and experience to lead a project hands on from pre-visualization through the post process.

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