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Léa Dessart

Sound Editor


"My personal perception of cinema is that there is a symbiotic relationship between image and sound in films. They are equally important and none can exist without the other. It is within this realm that I commence my artistic journey, striving to craft immersive environments that captivate audiences."

Léa graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Audio Engineering, Major in Audiovisual Media in Belgium, followed by one year at the FDDA Stonestreet Studios Audio Engineering Program in New York. She has collaborated on a number of ambitious films, honing her craft and sharing newfound expertise with her colleagues.

After moving from Belgium to the USA three years ago, Léa has found great pleasure in integrating into the vibrant New York artistic community and its dynamic environment where entertainment thrives.

"Tout l'Art du Son est de ne pas se faire remarquer, mais ressentir."

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