Madeline Lewis 

Post Production Coordinator
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With a love for film that began on the stage, Madeline has an artistic passion and drive that is vital for her role as coordinator at the studio. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, she has successfully shepherded her own projects, including a fundraising campaign to raise money for members of the Jewish community fighting against domestic abuse. Tasked with balancing creativity with deadlines, Madeline is our key to the efficient communication of all parties, and ensuring that they leave the finishing stage with positivity and a feeling of accomplishment.

"I idolize those in the industry who break outside a defined role and strive to master all elements of the filmmaking process. From writing, directing, acting, and producing, there are so many incredible examples of how taking a risk, championing new ideas, and working incredibly hard can achieve long term success in this incredibly competitive business."

Her proudest achievements have been the ones with extremely tight deadlines and important social impact, such as “The Great Hack” for Netflix, and “Waves” with A24 films.