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BTS - The Last Mix (The Last Supper Parody)

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Follow us Behind the Scenes with the Making of GS’ 2023 Holiday Card:

​At Gigantic Studios, creativity knows no bounds, and this winter, we decided to do something a little different with our holiday card. Inspired by the legendary da Vinci's iconic painting, "The Last Supper," we asked our talented director friend (and recent NYU Tisch Film master’s recipient, go New York!) Alessia Mandanici, to orchestrate a memorable team photo that was meant to be the highlight of our holiday cards.

This is a bonus BTS photo of us unable to hold our laugher while being directed into character during the shot:

Alessia, with her keen eye for detail and a flair for the dramatic, took charge of the entire process, ensuring every element aligned with the essence of the original masterpiece. The journey began (powered by coffee of course, and) with meticulous framing – an art in itself when recreating a renowned painting. Alessia studied the proportions, the placement of figures, and the overall composition to capture the essence of the iconic image. She also noted the colors of the characters:

Here is a close up of her design sketch:

Test shots were the next crucial step. Alessia, ever the perfectionist, first experimented without the team, fine-tuning the angles and lighting to achieve the desired effect. This initial phase allowed her to identify any adjustments needed before involving the cast, ensuring a seamless and visually striking end result (Speaking of lighting, Alessia's skill shone through as she crafted an atmosphere that mirrored the chiaroscuro technique used in "The Last Supper." The interplay of light and shadow became a vital element in recreating the drama and depth present in da Vinci's masterpiece). The existing lighting was not perfectly correct for the recreation, so she added some soft-diffusion in the off-hours of the Studio. It did already have the ability to create the contrast, though, so that added drama to the photo.

Costumes played a pivotal role in bringing our parody to life on the screen. From draped spare clothing to subtle accessories, every element was curated to transport us into the world of the Renaissance. As the costumes fell into place, it was our turn to step into character. She guided each team member into their designated role, ensuring everyone embodied their character with authenticity. This bit was a series of shots capturing our lively reenactment. The camaraderie and laughter that filled the studio during this process set the tone for a holiday card that would be remembered for years to come.

Alessia skillfully combined these images in post-production, seamlessly blending expressions and poses to recreate the iconic scene. The result was a humorous and festive rendition that paid homage to the classic artwork while showcasing our team's unique spirit.

In the end, Gigantic Studios' Last Supper parody became more than just a holiday card; it became a testament to our team's creativity, collaboration, and the magic that happens when talented individuals come together under the guidance of a visionary director. This festive season, we invite you to join us in celebrating the art of filmmaking, laughter, and the joy of creating memories that last a lifetime.

Thank you to Alessia from the whole team for her for help in creating such a fun card, we can't wait to work with you again!

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