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Tristan Baylis, M.P.S.E.

Audio Creative Director, Re-recording Mixer


"In addition to rigorous industry tutelage, I bring an understanding of emotion to my work with an educational foundation in psychology as well as audio engineering. I enjoy getting to deeply understand my source material, whilst searching for the subtext of each scene as the story builds and planning how to enhance it through intentional and nuanced choices. I look for musicality, rhythm and intent in every sound I choose. Every sound must have purpose."

Tristan is a Somerset England born, farm raised, re-recording mixer/sound designer, who is currently the creative director at Gigantic Studios, NYC’s premier documentary post studio. With 2x EMMY® & 3x Golden Reel nominations, a CAS nomination & 150+ film & television credits, he’s established himself in post audio as a seasoned creative collaborator. He's worked in multiple media formats from ATMOS to immersive experiential gallery audio, ranging from feature narratives to short-form episodic, documentary and advertisements for clients including A24, HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Aston Martin, Google. Tristan has collaborated with many renowned filmmakers including Yorgos Lanthimos, Matthew Heineman, & Trey Edward Shultz, and he is an active member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild.

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