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Sound Mixing

Gigantic Studios is home to two in-house re-recording mixers, plus additional sound designers and editors. This creative team is well equipped to craft and mix the perfect emotive sound scapes for any project. We love collaborating with directors, producers, and post supervisors from the outset of a project to ensure that any new and exciting ideas can be achieved.


Our three, industry-leading sound theaters are rigged with the latest hardware and software to create audio deliverables for any needs. Our largest theater is equipped with the latest Dolby ATMOS technology and is home to two Avid S6 consoles. Theaters A and B are equipped to mix up to 7.1, and all of our theaters are regularly tuned by Dolby. Our ATMOS includes 4 Subs for a highly accurate, smooth bass response and handwired front speakers from the acoustic guru Toni Grimani (co-author of the THX specification). The stage features Barco 2K DCI compliant projection, while Theater A also features 2K calibrated projection.

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